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I have made a new release of nsnotifyd, a tiny DNS server that just listens for NOTIFY messages and runs a script when one of your zones changes.

This nsnotifyd-2.1 release includes a few bugfixes:

Many thanks to Lars-Johann Liman, JP Mens, and Jonathan Hewlett for the bug reports. I like receiving messages that say things like,

thanks for nsnotifyd, is a great little program, and a good example of a linux program, does one thing well.

(There’s more like that in the nsnotifyd-2.0 release annoucement.)

I have also included a little dumpaxfr program, which I wrote when fiddling around with binary wire format DNS zone transfers. I used the nsnotifyd infrastructure as a short cut, though dumpaxfr doesn’t logically belong here. But it’s part of the family, so I wrote a dumpaxfr(1) man page and included it in this release.

I will be surprised if anyone else finds dumpaxfr useful!