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Yesterday I received a bug report for regpg, my program that safely stores server secrets encrypted with gpg so they can be commited to a git repository.

The bug was that I used the classic shell pipeline find | xargs grep with the classic Unix “who would want spaces in filenames?!” flaw.

I have pushed a new release, regpg-1.12, containing the bug fix.

There’s also a gendnskey subcommand which I used when doing my algorithm rollovers a few years ago. (It’s been a long time since the last regpg release!) It’s somewhat obsolete, now I know how to use dnssec-policy.

A bunch of minor compatibility issues have crept in, which mostly required fixing the tests to deal with changes in Ansible, OpenSSL, and GnuPG.

My most distressing discovery was that Mac OS crypt(3) still supports only DES. Good grief.