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I’m posting these notes earlier than usual because it’s the RIPE dinner later. As usual there are links to the presentation materials from the RIPE77 meeting plan.

One hallway conversation worth noting: I spoke to Colin Petrie of RIPE NCC who mentioned that they are rebooting the Wireless APs every day because they will not switch back to a DFS channel after switching away to avoid radar interference, so they gradually lose available bandwidth.

DNS WG round 2

Anand Buddhdev - RIPE NCC update

Ondřej Caletka - DS updates in the RIPE DB

Benno Overeinder - IETF DNSOP update

Sara Dickinson - performance of DNS over TCP

Petr Špaček - DNSSEC and geoIP in Knot DNS

Ondřej Surý - ISC BIND feature telemetry

Open Source

Sasha Romijn on IRRd v4

Mircea Ulinic (Cloudflare) Salt + Napalm for network automation

Andy Wingo - a longer talk about Snabb - choice quotes:

Peter Hessler on OpenBSD and OpenBGPD - a couple of notable OpenBSD points

Martin Hoffman - “Oxidising RPKI” - NLnet Labs Routinator 3000 written in Rust:


Jen Linkova on current IETF IPv6 activity:

Oliver Gasser on how to discover IPv6 addresses:

Jens Link talked about IPv6 excuses, and Benedikt Stockebrand talked about how to screw up an IPv6 addressing plan. Both quite amusing and polemical :-)