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[DIR]adns-perl/ - Ancient perl bindings for adns
[DIR]buildworld/ - Ancient FreeBSD and X build scripts
[DIR]htmlf/ - HTML filtering proxy
[DIR]life/ - Conway's game of life
[DIR]lists/ - Linked list implementations
[DIR]mandelbrot/ - Mandelbrot movies
[DIR]misc/ - Various C programs
[DIR]nsdiff/ - create an 'nsupdate' script from DNS zone file differences
[DIR]nsnotifyd/ - handle DNS NOTIFY messages with a script
[DIR]qp/ - Radix tree research code and notes
[DIR]rcfiles/ - Various configuration files
[DIR]regpg/ - Safely store server secrets
[DIR]scripts/ - Various scripts
[DIR]selog/ - Selective logging
[DIR]ssh-box/ - Incomplete work in progress
[DIR]syncstone/ - An IO benchmark
[DIR]unifdef/ - Selectively remove C preprocessor conditionals
[DIR]unifdef3/ - Incomplete work in progress
[DIR]zzz/ - Ancient BIOS suspend bug workaround

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