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After an extremely long hiatus, I have resurrected my link log.

As well as its web page, https://dotat.at/:/, my link log is shared via:

The Dreamwidth feed has not caught this afternoon’s newly added links, so I am not sure if it is actually working…

There is a lengthy backlog of links to be shared, which will be added to the public log a few times each day.

The backlog will be drained in a random order, but the link log’s web page and atom feed are sorted in date order, so the most-recently shared link will usually not be the top link on the web page.

I might have to revise how the atom feed is implemented to avoid confusing feed readers, but this will do for now.

The code has been rewritten from scratch in Rust, alongside the static site generator that runs my blog. It’s less of a disgusting hack than the ancient Perl link log that grew like some kind of fungus, but it still lacks a sensible database and the code is still substantially stringly typed. But, it works, which is the important thing.

edited to add …

I’ve changed the atom feed so that newly-added entries have both a “published” date (which is the date displayed in the HTML, reflecting when I saved the link) plus an “updated” date indicating when it was later added to the public log.

I think this should make it a little more friendly to feed readers.