2016-07-19 – Uplift from SCCS to git, again

Nearly two years ago I wrote about my project to convert the 25-year history of our DNS infrastructure from SCCS to git - "uplift from SCCS to git"

In May I got email from Akrem ANAYA asking my SCCS to git scripts. I was pleased that they might be of use to someone else!

And now I have started work on moving our Managed Zone Service to a new server. The MZS is our vanity domain system, for research groups who want domain names not under cam.ac.uk.

The MZS also uses SCCS for revision control, so I have resurrected my uplift scripts for another outing. This time the job only took a couple of days, instead of a couple of months :-)

The most amusing thing I found was the cron job which stores a daily dump of the MySQL database in SCCS...

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