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I have an earthenware pot into which I dump my small change: any coins worth less than 50p. (It's like a pot of gold that has suffered hyperinflation.) It was nearly full, so I took the coins to my bank in a very sturdy bag to convert them back to bits. Happily HSBC have a coin counting machine which is free for customers. Here are the results:

coin count value weight
1p (3.56g)  309 £  3.09  1100.04g
2p (7.12g)  163 £  3.26  1160.56g
5p (3.25g)  283 £ 14.15   919.75g
10p (6.5g)  294 £ 29.40  1911.00g
20p (5.0g)  426 £ 85.20  2130.00g
total 1475 £135.10  7221.35g

The machine also found US$1.91, NZ$0.50, HK$0.50, and €0.02.