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So the Information Technology Syndicate Technical Committe Meeting happened this afternoon. I prepared a handout which (in the absence of any guidelines about what it should contain) was basically a brain dump. I quoted Blaise Pascal - “I didn’t have time to make it shorter” - which (surprisingly) got a chuckle from the attendees. Rather than going through it in detail I talked briefly about the motivation for the project and the reasons for choosing Jabber and the things that I hope will make it popular. There were a few questions, the most penetrating of which were about whether we’ll provide any kind of role addresses (the answer being no, because it requires support from the protocol which isn’t really there yet) and whether spam will be a problem (maybe in the future if Jabber becomes very popular, but not yet, and at least Jabber is resistent to spoofing). All in all a fairly easy ride.

So maybe I’ll finally (after three months of faff) be allowed to make progress… Next job: finish racking the irritating bastards Wogan and Parky.