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I just got a phone call as a follow-up to today’s IT Syndicate meeting. This was the meeting at which my paper on the Chat service was presented. I have been asked to give a talk to the IT Syndicate Technical Committee in two weeks to “enlighten them about Jabber”, whatever that means. I’ve asked them to give me some specific questions they would like answered or to indicate which parts of my briefing paper that they would like me to expand on - I don’t know if they want a speaking-to-managers or a speaking-to-techies talk.

But in any case, Bah! and Faugh! How long does this have to take? This started as a skunk works project in October, and I’ve now been waiting nearly three months to get permission to put _xmpp-{client,server}._tcp.cam.ac.uk SRV records in the DNS.

Update: Looks like it’ll be a speaking-to-techies talk, probably including a protocol overview and stuff like that.