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Bob presented a revised version of my proposal to the SMT today, which included some changes as a result of the previous attempt - essentially, upgrading the perfunctory “oh, and maybe we could do these things” paragraphs to “we will do these”. In particular, the web front-end and MSN gateway.

The main result was that I have the go-ahead!

I will have to write a paper for the IT Syndicate (which oversees the Computing Service) to get full approval for a significant new service. I will also have to get it working by the summer, complete with MUC, MSN, web, etc.

The oddest thing was some quibbling about the usability of the MSN gateway, based on no practical experience at all. Sigh. Still, no harm done.

If anyone wants to be added to my ineterst list, please email <fanf2@cam.ac.uk>. If anyone knows of other Universities in the UK which have Jabber services, I would be interested - I know of Portsmouth and Cardiff.