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On Saturday, rmc28 and I were dragged up to Derbyshire by cjo24 and ser28 for a bit of real climbing. It was only my fourth outing but I’m clearly being properly sucked in – I spent £40 on some climbing shoes which definitely helped with their awesome grippiness. We met up with some of the Mepal crowd on the Burbage rocks and spent some pleasant hours until we got rained off. I managed to climb up Black Slab (belayed from above) which appears to have no holds on it to speak of, apart from the surface being quite rough – I still don’t know how I did it.

After that we spent a while wandering around the very picturesque Derwent Valley reservoirs before stuffing our faces with nice Chinese food at a restaurant in a town called Hope. Then back to Cam. listening to a Billy Conolly tape. Sunday was given over to lengthy relaxation :-)

We’re going to do this all again next weekend, but properly this time: up on Friday evening and back on Sunday, camping overnight. Fun fun fun!