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I’m going to do this from the point of view of my Brompton. (The mood above is a lie.)

A - Act your age? Need more TLC, but this may be more to do with quantity of work rather than age. B - Born on which day of the week? Unknown and uninteresting. C - Chore you hate? Any maintenance involving the rear wheel assembly. D - Dad’s name? Invented by Andrew Richie. E - Essential makeup item? Chain lubricant. F - Favourite actor? Nicole Kidman (as seen in BMX Bandits) G - Gold or silver? Black (colour of silver oxide) H - Hometown? Built and purchased in London, but now in Cambridge where Andrew Richie studied engineering. I - Instruments you play? Guitar (like Brian May in “Bicycle Race”) J - Job title? Bicycle. K - Kids? Small wheels are for adult bikes too. L - Living arrangements? Under the stairs during the night, and under the desk during the day. M - Mum’s name? Unknown and possibly interesting. N - Number of people you have slept with? Close contact with four or five bottoms. O - Overnight hospital stay? Three times, mainly for transmission repairs. P - Phobia? Pot-holes are bad for small wheels. Q - Quote you like? “Small wheels suggest the rider is a clown.” R - Religious affiliation? uk.rec.cycling S - Siblings? The Moulton, the Birdy, and other lesser imitators. T - Time you wake up? 10:00-12:00 ish. U - Unique habit? Carrying a loudly rattling D lock. V - Vegetable you refuse to eat? All of them. W - Worst habit? Twitchy steering. X - X-rays you’ve had? None. Y - Yummy food you make? Bumcheese. Z - Zodiac sign? Bumcheese.